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december 14.

Wigant Dreier (64)

december 15.

Ejgil Morratz & Jytta Morratz (56)

december 16.

Knud Berthel (57)
Martin Madsen (74)
Anna Jensen (102)

december 17.

Dorte Balle (51)
Anne-Marie Gutschlag (64)
Kasper Schroll (21)


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Gregory Mekhtarian
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Inger Andersen
Rasmus Andersen
Inger Thomsen


Dagmar Krogsgaard
Anne Hansen


Maria Andenmatten


Helle Olsen
Brian Nørgaard
Bodil Olufsen
Anne Winkler


The Nielsen Family from Demstrup

Genealogy with family tree for Niels Christian Poulsen, Marie Cathrine Poulsen and their descendants from Demstrup, Sjørslev Sogn, Viborg, Denmark.

The Genealogical Tree has 2.875 Persons, 587 Photos and 8 Stories.

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Most common last names: Jensen, Nielsen, Pedersen, Andersen, Christensen, Hansen, Rasmussen, Madsen, Sørensen, Balle, Morratz, Poulsen, Jørgensen, Søgaard, Kristensen

Most common birth places: Sjørslev Parish, Frederiks Parish, Viborg Parish, Vium Parish, Daugbjerg Parish, Hørup Parish, Vindum Parish, Højbjerg Parish, Gullev Parish, Almind Parish


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Niels Poulsen   1081   
Brian Nørgaard   868   
Nielsine Søgaard   852   
Ane Balle   833   
Bodil Pedersen   832   

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