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Johannes Nielsen


Born: Johannes Nielsen, marts 5. 1896, Vejrum Parish, Hjerm District, Ringkøbing County

Deciesed: august 20. 1971, (Canada)

Married 06-10-1920 to Olga Nielsen, Viborg DomChurch


Last known address: 19047 Trans. Canada Highway, R.R.9, Cloverdale B.C. Canada, V.3.S.5.N.1.

Johannes Nielsen went to school in Vejrum, Denmark. He started working 10 year old and continued farming until he was 16.
1912-1916 he was trained at carpenter Kongshøj in Vejrum, and continued at technic school in Viborg.
He served at the pioneer troops in Copenhagen 1917-1918 and was there for 1½ years.

He went back to work as a carpenter. He helped building Hald at Viborg. First it was a prison camp and after WWI it was a lazaret.

May 1. 1924 Johannes and Olga emmigrated to Canada. Johannes worked as a carpenter at summers, forresting at winthers. Besides that he was a trapper.

They lived in mid Ontario until 1942 where they moved to the coast in Brittish Colombia.
Here Johannes worked as a boat builder on a big yard where he was foreman in many years.

In 1946 they bought a house with 1½ acres land.
They were both at home until 1960.
After Johannes died, Olga was home from august 16. to september 17. 1979.


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